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Container Centralen

The cooperation with Container Centralen Denmark makes FlorAli the only depository in Sicily where it is possible to drop off, buy, maintain and repair CC materials. Container Centralen has created an international web through which it is possible to distribute containers all over Europe. FlorAli offers this opportunity through the following services.

With CC Hire Service one can rent Returnable Transport Items (RTIs) for a determined amount of time. The rent possibilities include:
Long-Term Hire (for a period longer then one year), 
Short-Term Hire (for a period ranging from one day to twelve months) and 
Short-Term Hire – Intercontinental (between continents).

The CC Transfer Service gives members the possibility to return CC materials to the nearest CC depot, rather than having to return them to the place they came from. By doing so, the risk of losing the goods is minimised. 
To become a member of the CC network, clients sign a contract and pay a yearly contribution for the reparation of the goods and the above mentioned services.

For further information regarding the terms and conditions of the contract, please do not hesitate to contact us.
FlorAli +39 095 7796890 or Container Centralen Italia