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Florali Logistic Services s.r.l.

provides logistics services in is a mediator company with extensive in nationally and internationally transport by sea or land, depending on the destination. Our mission is to find new ways to offer a more efficient and competitively-priced logistics service with the aim of ensuring a high-quality product for the lowest price.

What we do: 
-     E-commerce

-     Transport and logistics services

-     Container Centralen deposit


Transport and logistic services

Thanks to our links with a number of important transport companies,we can ensure the best and most adequate solutions to our clients.

Our services:

-        Assembling of the goods 

-        Dispatching of partial shipments 

-        Transport of whole shipments 

-        Sorting of the products to their different destinations  

Customer Advantages:

 -      fewer steps

 -      minus transport costs

 -      shorter traveltime

 -      the quality of the product is not object to variations

 Our main destination:

Holland, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Italy, France, Greece