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Our company policy is oriented towards the attainment of worldwide known certifications and reflects our programme of Corporate Social Responsibility. 

Among the authentications already obtained, the MPS-ECAS allows FlorAli to be part of the GLOBAL GAP protocol (Good Agricultural Practice). Every company who wishes to obtain the MPS-ECAS certification is given an overall grade based on specific criteria. The final grade determines whether a company will receive a certification of type A, B or C. Type A represents the qualification for methods which are mostly respectful to the environment.


FlorAli obtained MPS-A in 2011.

The criteria are the following: 
Phytosanitary products: they protect the cultivation from parasites but they are harmful for the environment. The overall quantity of products used in a year is reflected in the evaluation grade.

Fertilisers: the evaluation system is the same as in the case of phytosanitary products, but the fact that fertilisers are less harmful for the environment is taken into account.

Energy: the quantity and quality of the energy used by the company is also evaluated. The employment of clean energy, for example obtained by our photovoltaic system, is reflected in a higher score.

Photovoltaic system: the employment of 750 solar panels makes FlorAli completely independent in terms of energy. The use of fossil fuel is minimised. 
Sicily is one of the best places for the production of solar energy as it has the highest solar irradiation in Europe.

 Water recycling:The water used by the company is retrieved from rain water and from the slopes of mountain Etna. The employment of a multi-layered carpet prevents the water from being absorbed by the subsoil. The water is, therefore, re-used and released in the irrigation system once again. By doing so, the nutritious substances are not wasted and the efficiency and sustainability of the production are guaranteed.