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The Company

Florali is a floriculture firm founded in 1995 and located in Giarre,  in the province of Catania, since 2005. The company is specialised in the production, coltivation and packaging of  Bouganville. It stretches out on a surface of 45,000 mq, including  the greenhouse and the plantation land used for the mother plants.






Our production process interchanges in-door and out-door phases: this differentiated procedure allows us to obtain a high-quality product. Moreover, the standardisation and the automation of all procedures guarantee the uniformity of our plants.









 In the past years FlorAli has been particularly interested in investing in renewable energy. We have installed a photovoltaic system which allows us to produce clean energy and therefore a “clean” product. Further information on the employment of green energy, our interest towards the environment and the certifications obtained by FlorAli can be found under the headline Certification







 Over 750 solarpanels connected to an industrial heating pump for heating the greenhouse. Reducing about 80% of gasoil.