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Privacy Policy

1 Details: All details collected by Florali are those supplied voluntarily by the interested costumers at the moment they established the commercial relation.

2 Data treatment: The personal data will be treated in connection to the administrative management. This data could be used as market research, promotional offers or informative material related to Florali Company.

3 Procedure of treatment: The information will be saved on paper or electronically, with procedure mainly automated always following the requirements of safety expected by low. The data will be treated and preserved by Florali according to rule stated above and for future business relation, unless the interested business partner revoke the authorization to the data treatment.

4 Giving Details: The costumer interested is free to give or not the personal data, but the details are indispensable to accomplish the contractual obligation, the partial details will not allowed Florali to have any business relation with the potential costumer.

5 Diffusion of data: The data will be not diffused, if not by the limits of the low art 25 D. Lgs. 196/2003, they will be know by the following member of the staff: subordinate, outside consultants, business consultants, mails and shipping agents, banks and solicitors.

6 Costumer Rights: Related to the data produced the costumer can express his right by the low art. 7 D. Lgs. 196/2003 specially the right to access to the personal details, to correct, up to date or delete it if incomplete, mistaken or collected in violation of the law, requesting it at the responsible for treatment.

7 Responsable for data treatment: Owner and responsable for the data treatment of Florali Company by Wietse Weistra, with main branch in via Torrisi 42,95024 Acireale (CT) Italy.